Stay On Track, And Get Results

I finally feel I’m getting back to normal after the Christmas Break.

Not one for dieting, or counting calories, I believe a nutritious diet should bring us satisfaction and enjoyment, aswell as feeding every cell in our body to keep us in good health.

If you have started a New Years Resolution – its usually the easy part.  Sticking with it, is the difficult part! We look at some helpful tips on how to get results from your New Year Resolutions!

Be specific and realistic

A new year’s resolution like “be healthier” is just too broad. Choose one or two specific things you’re serious about changing and consider how you will reach that goal, not just, not just when.

Write down a plan

Planning your task/s beforehand means you’re far more likely to focus on the task at hand.  When we write things down, they help to consolidate exactly what we aim to achieve.

Find a partner

Having a partner to offer support helps you to be more compliant.  It provides motivation and support when you need it most.

Break it down into small, achievable tasks

Looking at the overall goal, can help you plan, but breaking it down into manageable pieces make the mountain easier to climb.

Walk away from temptation

Ditching foods such as biscuits, cakes etc, can help you avoid any temptation.  Don’t put yourself into this situation, where you are forced to resist temptation.  Walk away and remind yourself why you originally set your goal.

Set yourself digital reminders

I tend to block out my calendar for exercise, which means it comes before anything else i have to do that day.  Blocking a period of time out for yourself means you’re making your goal a priority.  Add ongoing reminders to your phone.

And finally….have fun while getting fit and healthy!