Bone Resorption: Osteoporosis Risk Assessment

This simple Osteoporosis test examines the crosslinks that are useful in identifying current rate of bone loss, lytic bone disease, and efficacy of bone support therapies.

Useful for those who have had a bone scan and want to monitor their progress while making dietary, supplementation and exercise changes before their next bone scan.

Specimen Type: Urine

Osteoporosis Profile

Patient preparation: the patient should abstain from taking supplements containing the minerals and vitamin measured in the profile for 48 hours prior to venipuncture.

Specimen Type: Blood

2 clotted SST (serum separator, yellow top) tubes, 1 trace element-free (blue top) potassium EDTA tube, 1 lithium heparin (green top) tube, together with 15 mL of a second void e.m.u. (early morning urine, collected between 8.00 am and 11.00 am) in a plastic, screw cap container. A postal sample kit can be supplied.

Turn around time: 8 working days.

*Laboratory costs can only be provided during consultations.