Clinical Tests

Some of the Laboratories I use in my Practice for Clinical Testing are: Dr. Data, Genova, Cyrex, BTS, Great Plains Fitzwilliam and Lorisian to name but a few. Once conventional cancer treatment has been completed, many people decide to get tests done to determine their overall health status.

Below is an example of some of the tests available.  If you have a particular health concern you would like to get tested, please contact Jenny, as there are many, many more Laboratory Tests available.

IBStatus (IBS Status)

Laboratory: Genova

This test offers a concise look at the overall health of the Gastrointestinal tract.  It is non-invasive evaluation that uses biotechnology to evaluate digestion, absorption, inflammation, and parasite infection.  The test is designed to specifically help identify inflammatory conditions associated with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), NSAID enteropathy, and post-infectors Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Organix Comprehensive Profile

Laboratory: Genova/Great Plains

The Organix Comprehensive Profile provides a view into the body’s cellular metabolic process and the efficiency of metabolic function.  Identifying metabolic blocks that can be treated nutritionally allows individual tailoring of interventions that maximise patient responses. The metabolic block may be due to a nutrient deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficit, toxic build-up, or drug effect.

Candida and other Fungi

Laboratory: BTS

Candida is a much used general term.  Usually it refers to Candida albicans, yet there are many more species such as Candida parapsilosis, tropical, glabrata, kris, Geotrichum (milk mould) or others.  It is essential to know which one of these may be causing the problem, therefore an accurate analysis is required before treatment should begin.

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