Nutritional Therapy

Good nutrition advice and education can without doubt drastically improve the quality of your life. However I know, it is possibly one of the most difficult aspects of lifestyle to change without real support.

Having the right support and education around aspects of your diet, is the key and foundation to sustainable changes.  This is where I can help.  I educate my clients from day one. I simplify every aspect to enable changes to happen gradually, allowing time to adapt to a new and better life.

I am a qualified Acupuncturist, Nutritional Therapist and Herbalist, Dip NT., Dip HM., Dip Acu, LAc., Dip LC., AFPA


As an evidence-based practitioner, I will be utilising any research-proven strategies to help you to regain your optimum health. Therefore, if it’s not scientifically proven to be effective and safe, then it is not considered suitable. To clarify, this is because your health, safety and well-being are always the top consideration.


We have a new generation of chronic diseases, conditions that inevitably deteriorate over a long period of time and do not go away.  Unfortunately, current medicine often labels them ‘incurable’ and only offers symptom management. However, Functional Medicine (FM) is a relatively new branch of medicine which aims to address root causes of disease.  It asks ‘Why?’ these symptoms occurred and what is their root cause. Therefore, by addressing the root cause; this not only resolves the symptoms, but prevents them returning.

Other areas Nutritional Therapy can help you with:

– Blood sugar imbalances

– Thyroid health

– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

– Digestive issues

– Mental wellbeing

– Auto-immune conditions

Whilst Nutritional Therapy does not seek to diagnose, treat or cure disease, it is common that during the course of your consultation it will become apparent which areas of your body, and your life more generally, should become the main focus of attention in the recommended nutritional and lifestyle modification programme. Such personalised programmes aim to help you better achieve and maintain optimal health.

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Nutritional Therapy

At present, there is no legal requirement for nutrition practitioners to be qualified or registered. So choosing a properly qualified and registered practitioner is important, to make sure that you are being seen by someone with the appropriate level of skill, especially when there are so many courses in nutrition that are very short and lack depth.