Nutritional Therapy – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Nutritional Therapy

Description of Services

The purpose of JM Complementary Therapies is to provide information and guidance for the Client to expand their know-how and ability to lead a nutrition-focused lifestyle. We strive to:

  • Undo common misconceptions about nutrition.
  • Reveal new avenues to perceive health and mental capacity.
  • Assist you in developing new strategies for health and wellness.
  • Advice given in a nutritional consultation is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should always consult your General Practitioner or primary healthcare provider if you require medical attention or have symptoms which are causing concern.
  • Please forward any GP results taken within the last 3 months, along with the Pre-Consultation forms.
  • Professional nutritional advice will be individually tailored to support diagnosed conditions and/or health concerns identified and agreed between both parties.
  • If you are taking medication, permission will be required to contact your GP to obtain your medical history, along with authorisation to work under the support of a Nutritional Therapist. This is required as high doses of certain nutrients can affect drug absorption. Also some medications affect the nutritional status of cells. These affects can be monitored by a Nutritional Therapist and appropriate supplementation provided.
  • A Nutrition and Herbal Medicine treatment programme is specifically designed for a client and may not have the same effect on other people.
  • Whilst every effort is made to devise a nutritional strategy that helps to resolve health issues, no guarantee can be made that health will be improved.
  • Information about clients is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone including your General Practitioner, unless specific permission has been given. You are encouraged to discuss your nutritional programme with your General Practitioner.
  • It is important that you disclose any medical diagnosis, medication, herbal or other medicine, or food supplements that you are taking, to avoid potential adverse reactions.
  • Any supplementation programme provided is only intended to be used on a short-term basis. Herbal Remedies are modified over time.
  • Couples/Siblings quite often come together to get support or so they can work to make positive changes to diet together. You will find the couple’s consultation Fees on our Pricelist.
How Many Sessions Are Required?

A minimum of two consultations is required. In order to monitor progress and ensure the recommendations are working for the client, it’s necessary to return for a follow-up consultation which will last about 45 minutes. Most clients will attend between two and four sessions in total spread out over a few months. Some people are good to go after two sessions, others need or want more long term support, it really depends on the individual and their needs and wants.

Change and results take time. If a client is not willing to make this minimum commitment, it is not recommend that they begin work with JM Nutrition.

The second consultation must be used within a two month period preceding the first appointment.


A Deposit of €50 is required before your booking is confirmed.  Remainder of fees are due at the first consultation.


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The balance of your fees can be made by cash or card in Cllnic. If payment is made by debit/credit card in Clinic, a surcharge of €3.00 applies (credit card company applies this charge).

In addition, no refunds will be issued on unused consultations after the initial consultation or coaching session is completed.

Information Requirement

You will be requested to disclose your medication and medical information, as this is required to check drug interactions with herbal remedies/supplements.

Cancellations / late arrivals

Clients who wish to change or cancel their appointments are kindly requested to provide a minimum of 48 hours notice as otherwise the deposit is non-refundable.

If you are running late please phone me on 087 097 9711. Late arrivals will be charged the full price for their consultation but cannot unfortunately be guaranteed a full consultation time.


We welcome feedback on the services as the aim is to make your time with us as helpful as possible.