Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I keep taking herbal remedy if I am ill?

A: If you become unwell,  you should stop taking the herbs as advised on the preparation sheet which has been provided with your herbal medicine.

Q: Can you post my herbal remedy to me?

A: Jenny, as a rule, does not send herbal remedies in the post, with the only exception being an emergency.

Q: Can I order herbs and collect them from the Clinic, without an appointment?

A: Jenny cannot prescribe herbs without an initial consultation.

Q: The herbal remedy has caused some digestive distress, should I stop taking them?

A: Herbs can occasionally cause mild digestive upset. If this happens, halve your dose and take half an hour after meals. In the unlikely event that you develop any of the following symptoms, stop taking the herbs: severe abdominal pain, persistent nausea or diarrhoea, vomiting. Note that these later symptoms are very rare.

Q: What does a consultation with Jenny consist of?

A: Jenny takes a patients full health history to begin with. She will have already reviewed any blood test results or diagnostic tests you have done. Jenny prescribes a herbal tincture on the first visit and only does acupuncture if required.

Q: How do I pay Jenny?

A: You can pay by card, bank transfer or cash. There is also an ATM in Londis and Centra around the corner from the clinic.

Q: How do I contact Jenny?

A: You can contact Jenny in several ways. You can call the office on 087 097 9711 or you can send an email to

Q: How long do we hold onto your Personal Records?

A: We only hold onto completed Questionnaire Forms and Medical Records for 18 months. If you haven’t already advised us to hold your information, please fill out a new Pre-Visit Form per client on your return visit if over the 18 months since your visit.