Exploring the Costs of Drug Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Guide

Going through rehab can significantly improve your physical and mental health. Addiction takes a toll on the body and mind, causing various health issues. You can reverse these effects and improve your overall well-being by seeking treatment. Apart from the main costs, there are extra expenses like transportation, medicine, and medical tests. Ensure you have enough money to cover these additional costs, plus the basic treatment cost. Longer inpatient programs that last 60 to 90 days have a broader range, coming in at as little as $12,000 and as much as $60,000.

What is a Typical Day in Drug Rehab Like?

how much does drug rehab cost

Alcohol is one of the most dangerous and one of the most commonly abused drugs worldwide. The fact that it can be used for cultural, spiritual and religious purposes along with its legal status, makes alcohol abuse more likely compared to other mind-altering substances. It is a powerful drug and users are at high risk for developing an addiction to alcohol.

1000 people sent me their addiction treatment stories. Here’s what I learned. – Vox.com

1000 people sent me their addiction treatment stories. Here’s what I learned..

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How to Pay for Rehab Without Insurance

A 30-day stay at a residential treatment center costs around $6,000, but prices can be more expensive for more well-known facilities. We know that recovering from addiction can be a harrowing journey, one how long is drug rehab where you feel you may not be able to overcome it alone. If you’re struggling with substance abuse and are looking for your best bet to get clean, inpatient rehabilitation may be the best option for you.

Phone, Video, or Live-Chat Support

The number of drug and alcohol rehab facilities accepting insurance has started to increase making it easier to use health insurance coverage for rehab. Washington is the 14th cheapest state for residential drug rehabilitation treatment services (non-hospital). Roughly 90% of those addicted to alcohol or illicit drugs did not receive treatment for their disorders in the state of Washington. Georgia is the 9th cheapest state for residential drug rehabilitation services (non-hospital). In 2013, half of all rehab clients in Georgia sought rehabilitation treatment for alcohol abuse. You may be wondering what payment options are available to access alcohol or drug rehab if you don’t have financial assistance.

Insurance may not cover everything, so you would be responsible for what coverage does not address. The Salvation Army is a well-known nonprofit organization that provides free rehab for people in need. Vraylar’s long half-life means it is slowly eliminated from the body. It takes about eight weeks for the body to clear its last dose of Vraylar.

Staying Social When You Quit Drinking

Some companies provide healthcare loans like My Treatment Lender, Lightstream, and Prosper.7, 8 These loans usually have low interest rates and flexible terms. Cigna’s coverage depends on various factors like your state of residence and if you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. By choosing to stop putting money towards your addiction, and instead towards creating a new, healthier you, you’ll be saving your life, which is certainly worth the cost.

South Dakota ties for the 10th cheapest state for residential drug rehabilitation services. South Dakota is the 2nd most expensive state for outpatient drug rehabilitation treatment. Nearly 60% of admissions in South Dakota is for clients with both drug and alcohol problems. Pennsylvania ranks 26th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation services. New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan all share the same average cost for outpatient drug rehabilitation services. Besides marijuana, cocaine is the most abused substance in Pennsylvania.

Grants and Government Programs

There are different levels of substance abuse treatment ranging from highly intensive to minimally intensive. Maine ties for 10th cheapest state for residential drug rehabilitation services (non-hospital). The number of recorded non-fatal overdoses in Maine was roughly under 9k in 2021. Kansas ranks 17th in cheapest to most expensive state for residential drug rehabilitation services (non-hospital).

how much does drug rehab cost

Difference Between Inpatient and Residential Care

  • For example, two weeks of detox won’t be as expensive as a month in inpatient rehab.
  • Many people who have private insurance opt for outpatient care to save on housing and food costs, which can be expensive.
  • New Jersey’s average cost of outpatient drug rehabilitation services is the same as Maryland’s.