I pride myself on my client care. Each treatment and consultation is completely unique and tailored to the individual’s needs and lifestyle.


Q: How Do Treatments Work?

A: Step One – Complete Your Online Pre-Consultation Form. This enables us to put the right treatment plan in place for your individual needs.

Return To Us By Email.

Step Two – During your initial appointment Jenny will go through your full case and medical history in detail and you will have your first Acupuncture session.

Step Three – Your individual treatment plan will include an estimated timescale, and number of sessions required.

Step Four – Reduce Frequency

Once your particular pain is gone, I then reduce the frequency of follow-up visits, and prepare you for finishing treatment. Some patients enjoy regular “tune-ups” to maintain good health and keep you active and feeling great. This is purely a personal decision though.

Q: What are the benefits of acupuncture 

A: The benefits are listed here and are cumulative, therefore more than one treatment is necessary. You can expect to have 3 – 6 treatments.

Q: What Modalities Can Be Used Alongside Acupuncture?

A: Moxibustion

During a moxibustion treatment Jenny lights one end of a moxa stick, roughly the shape and size of a cigar, and holds it close to the area being treated for several minutes until the area turns red.

A: Cupping

Cupping is an ancient form of treatment used for treating mainly musculoskeletal issues, especially back pain.

Glass or bamboo cups are heated with a flame before being placed on the skin to created localised pressure by vacuum.

Several cups may be placed on a patient’s body at the same time.

The lip of the cup creates a seal. As the air inside the cup cools, a firm suction/vacuum is created. Skin and muscle tissue are drawn up into the cup. Cupping therapy is mainly performed on one’s back because there are five meridians on your back.  When these meridians are opened, the internal energy is able to flow through the whole body.

Cupping therapy has been further developed as a means to open the ‘Meridians’ of the body. It has been found that cupping is probably the best way of opening those meridians.

The cups, when removed, sometimes leave temporary marks in the form of red rings or the marks may look like bruises. This is perfectly normal and is not sore; it is just discolouration from stagnant blood and fluids in the area being drawn to the surface and out of the muscles and deeper tissues.

Cupping is used primarily to treat respiratory conditions such as bronchitis, asthma, and congestion; arthritis; gastrointestinal disorders; and certain types of pain.

A: Electroacupuncture

During electroacupuncture the inserted needles are attached to a device that generates an electric pulse using small clips. This gives a stronger stimulation to the acupuncture points and is especially useful in treating long-standing conditions and musculoskeletal injuries.

Acupuncture is not a miracle cure. While you may get instant relief from taking medication or drugs they are usually just masking symptoms and not actually treating the underlying cause of illness.

Disclaimer: Results may vary. Information and statements made are for education purposes, and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Jenny McElvaney does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Jenny are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, please see your doctor.

Consultation and first treatment – approx. 1 hour
Follow-up treatments – approx.  45 mins – 1 hour


 The number of Consultations will depend on your personal circumstances and health goals.

Initial Consultation – 1 Hour

  • We discuss your health challenges and I will provide feedback and recommendations.
  • Herbal Medicines are tailored to the individual and herbs work on multiple manifestations when combined.
  • Herbal Remedies are sent within 48 hours of ordering.

Follow up Consultation –  45 mins

  • A follow-up consultation will be required in most cases. This will take place approximately 3-4 weeks after the first consultation. This will include a discussion on how you are progressing, how you feel the herbs are working for you.

Q: What is herbal medicine?
A: Herbal Medicines have been used around the world for millennia. It was the original and natural medicine in all cultures.

Q: How does herbal medicine work?
A: Herbs help the body to heal itself rather than just suppressing the symptoms. A classic example is taking Milk Thistle which improves the functioning of the liver, which will then be better at detoxing the body.

Q: What can herbal medicine help?
A: Any herbal remedy that is prepared is individualised to the person, rather than just the symptoms they present with, supporting people in the management of a myriad of health complaints including pain, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and many more.

Q: Can I order herbs and collect them from the Clinic, without an appointment?

A: Jenny cannot prescribe herbs without an initial consultation.

Q: What does a consultation with Jenny consist of?

A: Jenny takes a patients full health history to begin with. I will have already reviewed any blood test results or diagnostic tests you have done. Jenny prescribes a herbal tincture on the first visit and only does acupuncture if required.

Q: How do I pay Jenny?

A: You can pay by card, bank transfer or cash. There is also an ATM in Londis and Centra around the corner from the clinic.

Q: How do I contact Jenny?

A: You can contact Jenny in several ways. You can call the office on 087 097 9711 or you can send an email to info@jennymcelvaney.com.

Q: How long do we hold onto your Personal Records?

A: I only hold onto completed Questionnaire Forms and Medical Records for 18 months. If you haven’t already advised me to hold your information, please fill out a new Pre-Visit Form per client on your return visit if over the 18 months since your visit.

True health is not a quick fix.

It is something that must be worked on, especially when you are trying to change life-long habits. Because of this, I like to see my clients several times so that I can make sure you are staying on the path you chart for yourself.

There is no exact science to this method of healing, it all depends on you, and how dedicated you are to working on your own healing.


Nutrition Consultations are delivered using the Functional Medicine approach, which is the new model of medicine that neither is “conventional” or “alternative”.  

The number of Consultations will depend on your personal circumstances, your health goals, your symptoms, and whether your illness is acute or chronic.  We advise at least 3-4 consultations, in order to see long lasting changes and results.  One off sessions can also be catered for but do not usually build long term results.


  • Client will complete a comprehensive questionnaire and 3-day food dairy and return it by email.

Initial Consultation – 1 hour 15 mins 

  • During the initial Consultation a thorough case history is taken and the client’s requirements discussed.
  • We will then discuss your health challenges and provide feedback on health-related behaviour.
  • You will then receive recommendations that gently gets you on the right track, by providing simple daily changes to your diet and lifestyle.
  • Laboratory testing is necessary in some cases in order to establish the root cause of the health problem.
  • Specific herbal remedies and/or supplements may be recommended to support the body and to help rebalance it more efficiently.

Follow up Consultation – 1 hour

  • A follow-up consultation will be required in most cases. This will take place approximately 3-4 weeks after the first consultation. This will include a discussion on how you are progressing, if you are experiencing any changes in any symptoms and amendments to your programme made if necessary.
  • These sessions are designed to keep you motivated, and support you in overcoming any obstacles you may come across.
  • An introduction of further dietary and lifestyle changes for long-term goals will also be provided.

*As a courtesy, please provide a 48 hour notice, should you wish to cancel. You will be billed for missed appointments.