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How To Have Beautiful Skin and Slow The Signs Ageing

Saggy, dull and a tired complexion are all signs of ageing. Over time it can become less smooth and tight as it used to be and less resistant to the environment. But the good news is, its not that difficult to have beautiful skin!

There are two factors responsible for ageing skin.

Intrinsic – This is genetics, the biological mechanism – the one that we can’t control. But cheer up! It is only a little percentage compared to ageing caused by external factors.

Extrinsic – Environmental and lifestyle factors – to a degree controllable, caused by: UV radiation, smoking, skincare routine, poor diet, alcohol consumption, lack of sleep.

Researches shown that these factors have the greatest influence over the individual ageing of our own skin.

As skin ages, it goes through four key changes.
• The appearance of discolouration, pigmentation and brown spots
• The skin then begins to loose its elasticity and begins to sag
• Wrinkling and loss of collagen caused by the connection fibres breaking down
• The skin then has an uneven, dull and rough texture

So what happens though the different stages of life?

From our mid 20’s, signs of ageing begin and skin loses collagen at a rate of 1% per year and the sign of ageing begins to show on our face. Fine lines around our mouth, eyes and forehead begin to appear.

In our mid 30’s, the collagen and elastin lessens and the jaw-line appears less defined with slight bags under the eyes.

The 40’s brings a sharp decline in skin lipids, hence the tendency to experience skin dryness as we age and the corners of the nose and chin that form more visible lines.

In your 50’s when a woman normally begins menopause, and oestrogen levels drop, the signs of ageing on the face, neck, chest and hands show as the loss of fatty tissue reduces the plumpness and the appearance of wrinkles become more prominent.

Looking for anti-ageing products can become confusing, irritating and a bit of a nightmare. Products claiming to take years off your life, simply do not live up to their claims. There are five key ingredients for skin health and to choose to add to your anti-ageing skincare.

1. Vitamin A (also known as retinoids) help to reduce wrinkles, fade brown spots and smooth roughness. Use for approximately 4-8 weeks in order to allow it to work.

2. Vitamin C is especially good for spots. It helps to mop up free radicals that trigger wrinkling, sagging and other ageing skin changes.

3. Vitamin K is required to maintain elasticity to the skin. The skin loses elasticity when there is calcification of the elastic fibers. It helps to fight dark circles under the eyes by penetrating through the skin pores and reaching the damaged capillary or artery, where it then works to support the healing of skin tissue.

4. Lycopene belongs to a class of compounds called carotenoids, the red pigment found in plants. It is present in fruits and vegetables and protects them against damage caused by light. It is an anti-inflammatory and protects the skin from environmental damage. Oily and combination skin usually see the most benefits from this compound.

5. Vitamin E is one of the most powerful antioxidants. When applied topically to brown spots on the skin, it helps to lighten and smooth rough skin. It lubricates the cell membranes and encouraging cell regeneration.

So (drumroll please), we’ve identified that these key vitamins and minerals are the key to smoother and beautiful looking skin each day and are contained in our newly launched Organic Facial Serum.


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Effective anti-ageing skincare products will strengthen your skin defences, reverse damage caused by extrinsic factors and help to rejuvenate new and healthy skin cells.

While we cannot halt the ageing process, there are ways we can slow it down and a healthy lifestyle combined with using natural skincare products will ensure you age gracefully and that your skin is getting the best nourishment possible.

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