I truly believe the services I offer can transform ones life, because I have experienced this first-hand. I have learned that given the right tools, the body has the amazing ability to heal itself.

As a therapist with over 10 years’ experience, I help clients improve their wellbeing and quality of life, by offering natural solutions to taking care of their health.

Many people have asked me how I’ve come to the work that is so central to my life. I look at my life, and work as an ongoing journey, and am honoured to share this journey with my clients.

My life completely changed after being diagnosed with a rare and genetic form of cancer – twice, and this lead me to developing and refining the ultimate wellness lifestyle, based on my research of primal health and ancient practices, while at the same time embracing the most cutting-edge research. When diagnosed with the recurrence, I walked out of the consultation with my doctor, declined chemotherapy and radiotherapy and started working to put my cancer in to remission – which I achieved.

From my ongoing search for health, I have traveled the World and been educated by some of the most prominent doctors, research, and health experts.

Taking care of your health is an investment, and therefore I invite you to take a look the therapies I offer, and allow yourself time and space to take care of you because your health must come number one.


Educational Status
  • Dip Acupuncture
  • Dip Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Training with the Ministry of Health in the National Hospital of Traditional Medicine – Vietnam
  • Dip Herbal Medicine
  • Dip Nutritional Therapist
  • Dip Nutrition and Health Coach
  • Dip Life and Business Coach
  • National Certificate in Personal Training