When Jenny McElvaney was diagnosed with a genetic and aggressive form of cancer in 2009, she turned to natural therapies, to ease her anxiety and fear around death.  Now she’s helping clients on their journey through cancer to the path of self healing.

Jenny declined major surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy when her Breast Cancer returned, and turned her life around as a result of her challenging circumstances.

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As a Systems Analyst in a large multinational in Dublin, Ireland, Jenny is clear that she is as rational as they come.  But when at 35 years old, just prior to her wedding day, she was diagnosed with a genetic form of Breast Cancer – the most aggressive form of Breast Cancer that can quickly spread to the organs – she was consumed with the anxiety and fear of dying.

The disease taking over her body, created her life perception to shift, and she did something her former self would have regarded risky and irrational.  She left her career to study ways of healing both emotionally and physically. Having come from a family of Undertakers, she felt she was comfortable with death.  When cancer struck, she realised that while she always knew she would die, one way or another, she wasn’t prepared in the slightest for losing her life.

Like most cancer patients, once chemotherapy and radiotherapy had finished, she was suffering from physiological distress, sadness, panic and fear – all linked to the disease.  She then stumbled along a post on social media, where one woman contacted her to give some simple healing tips.  She started reading up on how to heal, and to this day, has not stopped.

Her cancer returned 8.5 years later, where at this point she knew she could not go through the trauma of conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy again, and instead had all the tools and knowledge to enable her to heal her body.  She had minor surgery and spent almost one year treating herself with self care to enable her to be once again, in remission from cancer.

Practicing nutritional science, herbal medicine and acupuncture, , has enabled Jenny to give back and help others going through possibly the toughest time in their life. With a decade of experience, she has discovered what works, what doesn’t, and what it means to live a truly full life.

Jenny has spent clinical time in both the U.S. and Europe, researching integrative therapies.

Diet plans and Herbal Medicine are prescribed to meet each individuals needs, along with lab testing and supplementation where necessary.

How Jenny began her journey in to creating natural botanical skincare.

As a result of the radiotherapy Jenny underwent after breast cancer, her skin was badly burnt.  The hospital the dermatologist prescribed her Organic Rosehip to repair her skin and reduce scarring. She was reluctant to try this, and was terrified the burn was too severe to recover. To her surprise and delight, after only a few days of using this oil, her skin began to heal.  This was her Eureka moment.

With such amazing results, she began removing all her expensive beauty products and replaced them with natural ones she had created herself.  She created samples for her family and friends, and the rest is history.

Today, individual herbal skincare for those going through radiotherapy can be provided.

She has kept her products as natural as possible, using plants as the base in each product.

An extensive list of Jenny’s training can be found here.

What Jenny has learnt through cancer, has transformed her life forever, and it can transform yours too! 

At present, there is no legal requirement for nutrition practitioners to be qualified or registered. So choosing a properly qualified and registered practitioner is important, to make sure that you are being seen by someone with the appropriate level of skill, especially when there are so many courses in nutrition that are very short and lack depth.